Friday, July 14, 2006

Plame Blame Game: Lame

The fun kicks into high gear with news that Vanity Fair pinups Valerie Plame and hubby Joe Wilson have sued various folks in the Administration. I can't wait until this one hits CourtTV:

For those who think that the Wilsons still have any credibility left, please see my omnibus post on the various efforts by Joe Wilson to obfuscate the truth until put under oath by the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence. Undoubtedly, this lawsuit will founder on the same shoals -- and it will give us a splendid opportunity to ask Plame under threat of perjury [many] questions including: ...How did Joe Wilson get this assignment?

Let's put Plame on the stand and really get to the heart of what she hoped to accomplish by promoting her husband for this task. I'd bet the lawsuit gets dropped in a New York minute -- and if not, the record of Wilson's prevarications should easily sink it.

Captain's Quarters: Attention, Perjury Fans!

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