Friday, August 17, 2007

Bizarro Universe: Media Matters criticizes NY Times

One Skyy martini tonight doesn't come close to explaining this:

NY Times' Seelye falsely claimed Clinton favorable ratings "never climbed higher" than 50 percent...

...Katharine Q. Seelye falsely claimed that Hillary Rodham Clinton's "favorable ratings reached a peak of 50 [percent] in 1998 during her husband's impeachment. They have never climbed higher, as measured by The Times and CBS." In fact, a January 1999 CBS News poll found that Clinton had a favorable rating of 55 percent. Additionally, other polls from the same period found Clinton's favorable rating rising as high as 67 percent, and polls from other organizations show her favorable rating has topped 50 percent in 2007...

Whoa. Sounds like fodder for a federal investigation. Or at least, a 60 Minutes expose. Mike Wallace is still alive, isn't he?

Media Matters hammering the NY Times? What next, Sean Penn critiquing Rosie O'Donnell for being too conservative?

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