Sunday, December 12, 2021

Larwyn’s Linx: Biden’s dangerous deportation drop

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 •Biden’s dangerous deportation drop Examiner
 •USC’s “University Diversity Senator” Calls For Killing All Zionists Robert Spencer
 •The California Crime Wave Michael Reagan
 •About That Yahoo Article on Ali Watkins and James Wolfe CTH
 •Last Night's Election in Deep Blue Houston Blasts Hole in Democrats' 2022 Boat RS
 •Bitcoin Is Self Preservation Alex McShane
 •Video Shows Horrific Tornado Devastation in KY, At Least 70 Killed Over Six States CTH
 •Kentucky tornadoes: Desperate search for survivors as death toll rises BBC
 •Swalwell and Other Despicable Takes on Tornado Tragedy Nick Arama


 •Public souring on Biden's handling of the economy as inflation hits 39-year high Haisten Willis
 •Massive U.S. Debts Could ‘Trap’ Powell as Fed Fights Inflation Lisa Lee
 •Joe Manchin's 'Inflation Vindication' Probably Sinks the Build Back Better Bill PJM

Scandal Central

 •Climate Scam, Part 5,034: Biden Megadonor Scores $500 Million Federal Loan for Solar Company Alana Goodman
 •Deputy Warden of J6 Prison is an Anti-Trump, White-Man Hater M Dowling
 •1/6 DC Jail Deputy Warden's Vulgar Political Tweets Found: 'F**k Everyone Who Supports Trump' National File


 •They Hate Us, They Really Hate Us Clarice Feldman
 •For the Left, the only good Republican is a dead Republican Timothy P. Carney
 •Rapid Censorship of Highly Positive Hydroxychloroquine Research Chart Mathew Crawford
 •Creepy: 44-year-old CNN producer charged with luring minors for sex John Sexton
 •Peggy Noonan told the truth about Kamala and the left isn't having it Karen Townsend
 •Chris Wallace: I've decided to leave Fox Hot Air


 •Is This How World War III Begins? John Storey
 •China is building a 12,000mph hypersonic plane that can transport 10 passengers Daily Mail
 •The never-ending US military mission to Iraq Daniel DePetris

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

 •Researcher Andrew Hill’s conflict: A $40M Gates Foundation grant vs 500,000 human lives World Tribune
 •'Banned for life': Billionaire surrenders 180 stolen antiquities Virginia Aabram
 •ICYMI, this is how the catastrophic Java Log4J exploit works (in simple English) Abhay Bhargav


 •An Interesting Story Feral Irishman
 •Vegan Holiday Earl of Taint
 •Why Can’t We Be More Like Sweden? MOTUS

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