Wednesday, December 01, 2021

Larwyn’s Linx: Fully Politicized Democrat DOJ Now Using Grand Jury to Subpoena 2020 Election Integrity Groups

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 •Democrat DOJ Now Using Grand Jury to Subpoena 2020 Election Integrity Groups CTH
 •Ron DeSantis Goes There on the Waukesha Massacre RS
 •Cops looking for three Black teens who attacked Jewish children in NYC Amanda Woods
 •Oxford, Michigan: 15-Year-Old Student Shoots 11, Killing Three; FBI Arrives CTH
 •Biden Starts to Stare up at the Ceiling as the Video Cuts Out Nick Arama
 •Giroir slams Fauci's expanding ego: He needs to stick to vaccine development Karen Townsend
 •Federal Judge Expands Healthcare Worker Vaccine Mandate Injunction to Apply Nationally CTH
 •A Major Abortion Case Goes Before the Supreme Court: What You Need to Know Melanie Israel
 •Loudoun school board faces angry parents for first time since sex assault Jeremiah Poff
 •Court's Legitimacy Depends on Overturning Roe v. Wade Megan Wold
 •Most provisions in BBB are wildly unpopular Jazz Shaw
 •The Hill's Top Lobbyists 2021 The Hill


 •Biden admin alerts Americans: You’re going to be paying 54% more if you want heat this winter PowerGrid
 •Biden spending bill would hand unions win with big penalties for labor violations Zachary Halaschak
 •Bidenomics: Black Friday Sales Drop 28%from Pre-Pandemic Levels, Cyber Monday Sales Drop First Time Ever CTH

Scandal Central

 •A Brief Guide to Leftist Destruction Dennis Prager
 •To Protect Fauci, the Washington Post Is Preparing Hit-Piece Protecting His Gruesome Dog Experiments Greenwald
 •How the bipartisan Keep Nine initiative aims to protect the Supreme Court Marc Ang


 •‘How does he still have a job?’ CNN staff sounds off as Chris Cuomo defies ban, talks bro on SiriusXM show Post
 •Any other media outlet would have fired Cuomo over journalistic ethics, says ... Rolling Stone Ed Morrissey
 •GOP Lawmakers Demand Google Stop Censoring Pro-Life Ads Mary Margaret Olohan
 •CNBC Pundit Calls Unvaxxed People “Psychotic”, Demands U.S. Military Hunt Them Down CTH
 •Joe Rogan blasts left-wing media: 'No one is being held accountable' for biased or false reporting Matthew Miller
 •The Persecution of J.K. Rowling at Hands of ‘Oppressed’ Douglas Blair


 •Iran: ‘We Will Not Back Off From The Annihilation Of Israel’ Jeffrey Lord
 •The Moral Imperative to End China's Regime Gordon G. Chang
 •No obligation to defend Ukraine from Russia, Nato chief says EU Observer
 •Taliban executed more than 100 former police and intelligence officers in Afghanistan: Watchdog Mike Brest
 •Widespread Manhunt Underway For Three Men Who Escaped Australian Quarantine Camp CTH
 •'Large Portion' of Oil Tapped from Strategic Reserves by Biden Will Go to China, India Spencer Brown

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

 •US-China hypersonic weapons ‘arms race’ is underway, Air Force chief says Fox
 •COVID: First signs that vaccine protects against Omicron – health minister JPost
 •Data: Vaccines don’t stop COVID, but COVID is not that dangerous Robert Zimmerman


 •AMA bringing dangerous levels of wokeness into the medical profession Jazz Shaw
 •Waukesha SUV Charged With Six Counts Of Murder Babylon Bee
 •Oregon’s Free-Range Fry-Days MOTUS


MMinWA said...

Great array of articles.

Gordan Chang is a voice in the wilderness. He'd be front & center if I was King. It's criminal what our politicians in DC are doing in regards to Red China. There needs to be some public executions and you can start with McConnell.

Anonymous said...

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