Tuesday, December 14, 2021

Larwyn’s Linx: Black Lives Clearly Don’t Matter to BLM or to Soros-Backed Prosecutors

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 •Black Lives Clearly Don’t Matter to BLM or to Soros-Backed Prosecutors Mike Gonzalez
 •Why Did The IRS Audit Donald Trump, But Not Joe Biden? Christopher Jacobs
 •Supreme Court Declines to Block New York Vaccine Mandate for Healthcare Workers CTH
 •The Uniquely Dangerous Movement to End the Electoral College Inhofe & England
 •Dick Blumenthal Helps Communist Party Celebrate 102nd Anniversary of CPUSA Debra Heine
 •LA shopping center The Grove adds coil fencing to deter smash-and-grab robberies CNN
 •Candidates, There Is Only One Donald Trump and Economic Security Is National Security CTH
 •DeSantis: Biden effectively running ‘human smuggling’ with secret flights into Florida Fox
 •The AP would like to know why DHS is tracking journalists Jazz Shaw
 •Liz Cheney Publicizes 1/6 Text Messages, Manages to Kneecap Her Conspiracy Narrative RS
 •Facebook Quietly Admits Its Third-Party ‘Fact-Checks’ Are ‘Opinions’ Jordan Boyd
 •Even San Fran residents are getting sick of their liberal reforms Jazz Shaw


 •Middle Class Will Get Stuck With Bill for Biden's Spending, Rep. Bryan Steil Says Virginia Allen
 •Biden making shipping crisis worse Don Surber
 •Senator Joe Manchin Not Convinced to Vote For Massive Build Back Better Spending Bill CTH

Scandal Central

 •Big Oops: Facebook Lawyers Reveal Why Company Must Be Broken Up Roger L. Simon
 •Assange's brother says Julian 'will most likely die' if extradited Heather Hamilton
 •A Former Prosecutor's Take on Ghislaine Maxwell Trial Christian Mysliwiec


 •China Plans to Pay American Influencers to Promote Beijing Olympics Amid Boycotts Chuck Ross
 •Middle Class Will Get Stuck With Bill for Biden’s Spending, Rep. Bryan Steil Says Virginia Allen
 •Waukesha Alone: Residents Feel Abandoned as Media Sweeps Story Under the Rug Matt Vespa


 •Anonymous Biden Officials Scramble To Place Blame For Pro-China Censorship At Democracy Summit Jack Kerley
 •'They want to become a superpower': African port links could make Chinese access to Atlantic inevitable Joel Gehrke
 •Boris on liberty: the PM has always been against ID cards – until now Spectator

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

 •Horowitz: Now we know why the establishment has always opposed early treatment Daniel Horowitz
 •A Cornucopia of Microbial Foods Space Daily
 •Incredible photos show full extent of deadly destruction from up to thirty tornadoes Daily Mail


 •UK: No face-to-face appointments with your family GP until New Year Daily Mail
 •Awww Libturds ... That's not right ... Woodsterman
 •Do Not Doubt Me MOTUS


MMinWA said...

Not surprised that the FDA(????) is working with the PO to seize ivermectin. Luckily our shipment of several 100 3mg pills made it through from India.

Two years ago the horse paste cost a couple bucks a tube, now it's $30 and up.

Everything this government touches turns to shit.

The sundance piece about Trump was right on but he's got to walk himself away from any hint of a "vaccine" mandate.

Anonymous said...

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