Thursday, December 02, 2021

Larwyn’s Linx: TX Border: One Week, 22,000 Illegal Aliens From 40 Countries

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 •TX Border: One Week, 22000 Illegal Aliens From 40 Countries ET
 •America Last: Biden admin blocking release of annual report on illegal immigration Jazz Shaw
 •An 'Abundance of Caution' Mentality Leads to Tyranny Ben Shapiro
 •10 Things You Need to Know About Today's Oral Arguments in Dobbs Case Chris Queen
 •Key Takeaways From SCOTUS Hearing of Biggest Abortion Case Since Roe Thomas Jipping
 •Democrat Senators are Threatening Supreme Court Justices Again Katie Pavlich
 •CIA's new document, "Trump—A Unique Challenge," is inappropriate and political @Cliff_Sims
 •Suspect Ethan Crumbley, 15, was bullied, used dad’s new pistol in school shooting Post
 •Suspect and his parents met with school officials before Michigan shooting-sheriff Misty Severi


 •A Chart of Human Conditions Over the Centuries (new)
 •Joe Biden Compares Shortages of Pet Food, Chemicals and Raw Materials to Scarcity of... Cabbage Patch Dolls CTH
 •Total Ship Show: Container Ships Waiting Off-Shore in California at All-Time High. DrillDown

Scandal Central

 •FBI Says Radical Leftist Mass Shooter Connor Betts Was 'Not Aligned With Any Specific Ideological Group' InfLib
 •Alleged Murderer of Temple Student Walked After D.A. Dropped Armed Carjacking Charges Ralph Cipriano
 •Day 2 of the Ghislaine Maxwell Trial Techno Fog
 •Were federal agents involved in the planning and execution of J6? @RepMTG
 •Police Release BodyCam Video of NBC Producer Who Was Stalking Rittenhouse Jury CTH
 •Pete Hegseth argues New Twitter Policy is Meant to Protect Far-Left Orgs like BLM, Antifa Paul Goldberg


 •How the Corporate Media Launched a Disinformation Campaign to Protect Fauci Leighton Woodhouse
 •Roger Stone says FBI is acting like Biden’s ‘personal Gestapo’ Mark Moore
 •Fauci Flustered: Can't Say Why U.S. Banned Travel From African Countries With Zero Cases of Omicron CTH
 •Nigel Farage Extensive Interview With President Donald Trump CTH
 •40 Years Ago, Monty Python Predicted (and Mocked) Wokeness Stephen Green
 •A Coinkydink, I’m Sure WRSA


 •"Top Secret" PRC document shows how Beijing controls every aspect of atrocities in Xinjiang Adrian Zenz
 •China Collecting DNA from World's Population to Wipe Out Some Racial Groups - Columnist Gordon Chang IBT
 •Foreign Follies: A Roundup Of Things We Might Want To Pay Attention To BattleSwarm

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

 •How the Corporate Media Launched a Disinformation Campaign to Protect Fauci Leighton Woodhouse
 •Biden’s COVID failure Examiner
 •Fauci Discusses New Testing Rules For Entering US, Says Illegal Immigrants Are ‘Different Issue’ Carter


 •“History does not repeat itself. But it does rhyme”. – Mark Twain Vlad Tepes
 •Get Ready for President Hillary Clinton Root For America
 •Looking Out For the Folks In the Way Back Machine MOTUS


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With regard to Alec Baldwin's first kill it is entirely possible that he did not pull the trigger.
The act of bumping an abused cocked SAA (Single Action Army)anywhere could jump the hammer to discharge what's in the chamber. Lest you doubt, Sig had problems with this several years ago with the 320. Other manufactures have as well. Part of any revolver check out includes pressing the cocked hammer to see if it will move forward. I remember shotguns that if they hit the floor hard on the butt would fire, it was called a slam fire.
The question is, did the pistol strike something hard on the presentation? Is it on film?
Alec could be in for a win but will that live round put him in jeopardy?

Anonymous said...

I would commend the movie "The Rabbit Proof Fence" as we watch those idiots down under abuse their brothers and sisters.

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