Monday, December 13, 2021

Larwyn’s Linx: Good News! Illegal Migrants Are Allowed to Fly Without ID

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 •Good News! Illegal Migrants Are Allowed to Fly Without ID Robert Spencer
 •Mayor Declares State of Emergency in Arizona City Rocked by Illegal Immigration ET
 •Lightfoot’s blame-the-victim response about flash mob thieves reminiscent of old SNL skit John Ruberry
 •What Black Lives Matter has accomplished Examiner
 •Fauci Undermined Trump, Misled Americans on COVID; 'I Was Stunned’ Rob Bluey
 •Schumer, Who Accused Trump of Russian Collusion, is Getting Paid by Putin Daniel Greenfield
 •It's Not a Weather Tragedy Until the Left Blames It On Climate Change Rick Moran
 •Ky Gov Andy Beshear Gives Tragic Update to Tornado Devastation, Entire Towns Gone CTH
 •Train derailed by tornado in Kentucky, homes left damaged Elizabeth Faddis


 •Forty-year inflation high will become key midterm election issue Kate Scanlon
 •Apple’s concessions in China reportedly include a secret $275 billion deal and one odd change in Maps Richard Lawler
 •Leaked SoCal hospital records reveal huge, automated markups for healthcare David Lazarus

Scandal Central

 •Fortenberry indictment raises questions about the FBI’s tactics Josh Gerstein
 •High-profile Houston Democrats face corruption allegations Fox
 •Wikipedia Threatens to Purge ‘Communist Mass Killings’ Page, Cites Anti-Communist Bias Douglas Blair


 •Swamp Gatekeeper Chris Wallace Leaving Fox News Effective Immediately for New Position at CNN CTH
 •Here Are The 11 Dumbest, Most Slanted Questions Asked By Chris Wallace Jordan Boyd
 •'Mossad' gets Hezbollah media outlet suspended from Twitter Michael Starr


 •Iran allegedly preparing for space launch amid continued Vienna talks Elizabeth Faddis
 •The Arab Apartheid No One Talks About Khaled Abu Toameh
 •Hong Kong activists get up to 14 months in prison for banned Tiananmen vigil Al-Reuters

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

 •Reupping this crucial news about how mild Omicron appears to be: Pfizer and Moderna hardest hit Alex Berenson
 •Gravitational Waves Should Permanently Distort Spacetime Katie McCormick
 •Paul Revere artifacts found in attic command top dollar at auction Times


 •Christmas Treats, Appetizers, and Party Food CTH
 •Mad Mayor De Blasio's Parting Shots Cube
 •The Covid Labor Shortage Continues…. MOTUS


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