Sunday, December 19, 2021

Larwyn’s Linx: Border arrests up in November as Biden releases even more illegal immigrants into US

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 •Border arrests up in Nov. as Biden releases even more illegal immigrants into US Examiner
 •The COVID emergency is over. Get back to life Examiner
 •Good News, Politico Is Rallying Support for Mitch McConnell CTH
 •We Need a Political Climate Change Clarice Feldman
 •Chicago: Gunfire kills aspiring videographer as city marks 800th murder of 2021 David Struett
 •Texas Building Back A Better Border Wall Because Biden and Harris Won't PJM
 •Sen. Kennedy Takes Apart Another 'Embarrassing' Biden Nominee Nick Arama
 •AOC and Pelosi in open spat about Congress members trading in stocks Thomas Lifson
 •Let's put Biden's judicial confirmations in context Ship Wrecked Crew


 •China's US Enablers Peter Schweizer
 •Joe Manchin announces he will not vote for Biden spending bill: 'This is a no' Susan Ferrechio
 •California plans to kill the residential solar industry John Sexton

Scandal Central

 •Meet Ray Epps, Part 2: Damning New Details Emerge Regarding the 1/6 Fedsurrection Revolver
 •New York State Assembly Advancing Legislation to Create Involuntary COVID Quarantine Camps CTH
 •Evidence from Jeffrey Epstein's safe 'went missing' after FBI raid, court hears in Ghislaine Maxwell trial Telegraph


 •A Jake Tapper Producer Is the Next Pedophile Shoe to Drop at CNN RS
 •Charlamagne Tha God to Kamala: “I want to know who the real president of this country is" Karen Townsend
 •Tim Dillon Rips The Media For Ignoring And Distorting The Waukesha Massacre David Hookstead


 •Russia may "up the ante" over Ukraine Jazz Shaw
 •The Bantus should be asked about Ilhan Omar's new appointment to human rights committee INN
 •It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Pravda…. Everywhere You Turn CTH
 •The Tide of Afghan Refugees to U.S. is Only Beginning Daniel Greenfield
 •North Koreans Banned From Laughing During Mourning Period For Kim Jong Il's Death Rick Moran
 •France: Muslim assaults several people, screams ‘You infidel, we’re going to kill you all, Allahu akbar’ Robert Spencer

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

 •Various Omicron Data Suggests Minimal Health Concern Overall CTH
 •See the Explosive Highlights from Dr. Peter McCullough's Bombshell Interview with Joe Rogan JRE
 •Rising Omicron cases not being matched by hospitalisations, figures show Daily Mail


 •The malicious, historically illiterate 1619 Project keeps rolling on George Will
 •The Week in Pictures: Unhappy Liberal Holidays Edition Steven Hayward
 •Let’s Go Brandon: Christmas Edition MOTUS


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That was the full video 2hour 47 minute Joe Rogan - Peter McCullough interview - not highlights.

Here are the only highlights I could find -

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