Sunday, August 14, 2022

Larwyn’s Linx: The Elite Panic of 2022

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 • The Elite Panic of 2022 Martin Gurri
 • Where is the FBI’s Rubicon? Roger Kimball
 • Big Picture, Review all DC Activity from June 3rd with New Eyes CTH
 • The Attempt to Prosecute Trump Unleashing More Than Our System Can Handle Mises
 • Davis: Trump Raid Is The FBI’s Declaration Of War Against The American People Federalist
 • The IRS sequel to Lois Lerner will be extra-ugly Maker S. Mark
 • Arizona Police Taze Desperate Parents Outside Elementary School During Lockdown CTH
 • Democrats are not learning from their defund-the-police failures Examiner
 • Republicans who backed Trump impeachment almost all falter in primaries Ryan King


 • House Democrats Nix Second Part of Manchin-Schumer Deal for Increased Energy Development and Permitting CTH
 • U.N. War On Fertilizer Began in Sri Lanka Shellenberger
 • DeSantis shows Americans how to fight for higher education Examiner

Scandal Central

 • The Espionage Act Gets An Instant Makeover Matt Taibbi
 • Trump FBI raid: 'Seven chances in 10' Donald gets indicted, former prosecutor says Cami Mondeaux
 • Yes, Comey did leak classified information Byron York (2019)


 • New York Times, New York State Police say Rushdie stabber’s motive is unclear Robert Spencer
 • Bill Maher Says FBI Raid ‘Saving Trump Politically’ Matt Margolis
 • Deep Space Thoughts, with Kamala Harris CTH


 • A Dangerous Triple Fantasy Amir Taheri
 • More US lawmakers visit Taiwan 12 days after Pelosi trip The Shill
 • The faces from China’s Uyghur detention camps BBC

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

 • New York’s Voter Matrix: An Alternate Structure Within Voter Rolls Red Voice Media
 • The power of quiet: The mental and physical health benefits of silence Kayt Sukel
 • Johns Hopkins Researchers Have Developed a Method That Predicts Sudden Cardiac Death Johns Hopkins


 • Panic At The Top Clarice Feldman
 • Prosecutorial Indiscretion Christopher Roach
 • Blinders Are Off CFL

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