Friday, August 26, 2022

Larwyn’s Linx: The Lawless Executive

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 • The Lawless Executive Market Ticker
 • New FBI whistleblower claims bureau leadership nixed Hunter investigation Jerry Dunleavy
 • Ex-Rolling Stone Editor Has Perfect Analogy for the FBI's Raid of Mar-a-Lago Matt Vespa
 • DC Mayor Says No Virtual Learning, Giving Unvaccinated Black Teens Zero Alternative Options Douglas Blair
 • Warren's corrupt and ignorant pitch: We have to bail out Academia because it's too damn expensive Ed Morrissey
 • Yes, FBI Colluded With Big Tech To Prevent Voters From Learning About Hunter’s Laptop Tristan Justice
 • Biden Attacks Millions of Americans Who Support Trump, Descends Into Complete Incoherence Nick Arama
 • The Senate is Very Much in Play for the GOP J. Robert Smith
 • The New Class Theodore Dalrymple


 • Obama economist calls Biden student debt relief 'gasoline on inflationary fire' Post
 • Brits brace for record, crippling energy prices Jazz Shaw
 • More Dems back away from Biden's student loan forgiveness plan Hot Air

Scandal Central

 • 'A strategic disaster': Mossad chief slams emerging Iran nuclear deal Brady Knox
 • Two Florida Residents Plead Guilty in Federal Court in New York to Stealing Ashley Biden Diary CTH
 • FBI agents behind controversial Hunter Biden briefing in 2020 ordered to talk Jerry Dunleavy


 • Facebook Censors Power Line Power Line
 • Mark Zuckerberg says he regrets Facebook throttling Hunter Biden laptop story Ryan King
 • Don’t allow Mark Zuckerberg to reinvent history Rajan Laad


 • Anti-Semitism in Europe: New Official Report Bruce Bawer
 • What @UNRWA's head didn't tell the UN Security Council Elder of Ziyon
 • Poland to receive 250 advanced Abrams tanks under $1 billion contract Breaking Defense

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

 • Tesla, Nio EV Charging Stations Go Dark As China Rations Power ZH
 • Masada: Where are the Bones? David Nabhan
 • Coal industry wants to slow down proposed regulations Jeremy Beaman


 • What Can You See? Rabbi Pini Dunner
 • Historic $32.5M 'Sandcastle' Is Rhode Island's Most Expensive Home SFgate
 • Horrifying True Tales of Agile Lampoon


commoncents said...

DOJ releases redacted Mar-a-Lago raid affidavit - Fox News Video

Anonymous said...

RE: "Facebook Censors Power Line" - Power Line

Power Line banned me because I quoted President Obama and, realizing I'd posted the quote with his swear word intact, edited it out and reposted it. Didn't matter, banned for life.

No explanation, review, or recourse given: Zero tolerance.

Despite being a staunch Conservative, here's hoping Power Line is banned from Facebook for life. At least Facebook had the walnuts to give Power Line a reason, albeit a bogus one.