Wednesday, August 24, 2022

Larwyn’s Linx: Twitter Whistleblower A New Challenge for U.S. Surveillance State, Enter CNN and WaPo

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 • Twitter Whistleblower A New Challenge for U.S. Surveillance State, Enter CNN and WaPo CTH
 • Fairfax teachers trained to transition children's genders without parental approval Jeremiah Poff
 • DeSantis-Backed School Board Candidates Win Big, Wokeism Hardest Hit Kira Davis
 • Top six takeaways: Here’s what happened a busy primary night Cami Mondeaux
 • Uh oh: Dems win key House bellwether race in NY-19 Hot Air
 • Ocasio-Cortez admits to violating congressional financial disclosure rules Andrew Kerr
 • Thune CTH
 • Crime in L.A. is so bad that a Beverly Hills boutique has actually banned face masks NTB
 • Two Years After Kenosha Riots, Why No August 23 Committee To Investigate The Big Lie? Federalist


 • The cost of Biden's student loan "forgiveness" Jazz Shaw
 • Millions at risk of losing government insurance when COVID-19 health emergency ends Abigail Adcox
 • Racism to Achieve Diversity Harms All Americans Edward Ring

Scandal Central

 • If This FBI Spy’s Scorched-Earth Legal Strategy Backfires, He’ll Finally Pay For Russia Hoaxing Margot Cleveland
 • Rand Paul tells NIH to retain Fauci records Ryan King
 • Trump Is Right. Mitch McConnell And Elaine Chao Spent Decades Getting ‘Rich On China’ Jordan Boyd


 • Those Who Want to Destroy the Constitution Ben Shapiro
 • Twitter Whistleblower Reveals Company Hid "Extreme, Egregious, Deficiencies"; Musk Subpoenas Execs ZH
 • Video Released Showing Drunk Paul Pelosi Failing Field Sobriety Test CTH


 • State Dept Funds Ukraine Govt Disinformation Conference Labeling Disinformation as a War Crime CTH
 • Iran Prepares to Take Out Israel – Right after Iran Deal Is Signed Khaled Abu Toameh
 • Biden orders airstrikes on Iran-backed forces in Syria Ryan King

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

 • Scientific 'Integrity' John Stossel
 • Fauci: I didn't shut down anything, my dudes Hot Air
 • Twitter bans UK doctor skeptical of Covid-19 vaccines ET


 • Google and Top Universities Offer Prestigious Fellowships With Racial and Gender Quotas WFB
 • Here's the Woman Who Launched the FBI Ransacking of Mar-a-Lago Matt Vespa
 • Skiparoo Wednesday in the AM Woodsterman

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