Saturday, August 27, 2022

Larwyn’s Linx: Tucker Carlson Outlines Dramatic Timeline of Political Corruption Within the FBI

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 • Carlson Outlines Dramatic Timeline of Political Corruption Within the FBI CTH
 • The Trump Search Warrant Affidavit has been released Techno Fog
 • An Ill Wind Kunstler
 • 'We Lied the Last 1,000 Times, Trust Us Now' Daniel Greenfield
 • What Released Affidavit Reveals About FBI’s Mar-a-Lago Raid Signal
 • The Raid on Mar-A-Lago: A Desperate Act by the Deep State Ron Wright
 • Axios: Biden team stunningly unprepared for their trillion-dollar Academia bailout Ed Morrissey
 • Suspect Charged for Hit-and-Run That Killed Three Outside Chicago Gay Bar R.S. McCain
 • Court: No, you can't force doctors or hospitals to perform "gender transition" surgery Jazz Shaw


 • Powell: Masses should prepare for ‘some pain’ as Green New Deal Depression kicks in CTH
 • The Malign Genesis of ESG - Part I Joan Sammon
 • Looks like the IRS is leaking personal info about conservative donors to media again Twitchy

Scandal Central

 • Pandemic Justice Long Overdue Because Of Crimes Against Humanity Dr. Joel S. Hirschhorn
 • Barr unloads on Mueller: 'He made some very serious errors' Daniel Chaitin
 • The Mar-A-Lago Affidavit Really Does Read As If They Were Confiscating Russiagate Evidence. Raheem Kassam


 • Liberal Writer Aghast That Story About the FBI's Request to Facebook Isn't Blowing Up Matt Vespa
 • A teacher planned to erase Whites from her classroom décor Pandra Selivanov
 • Morning Joe Surprisingly Skeptical Of Biden's Student Loan Forgiveness Mark Finkelstein


 • Ukraine says shelling causes damage, threat of radiation leak at nuclear plant TOI
 • Belarus president says his country's warplanes made ready to carry nuclear weapons TOI
 • Deaths from flooding in monsoon drenched Pakistan near 1,000 ABC


 • The 10 Worst Brands of All Time Lampoon
 • Air Guitar World Championship 2022 in Finland EuroNews
 • The Week in Pictures: Back to School Edition Power Line

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