Monday, August 08, 2022

Larwyn’s Linx: Here's the Truth About What 'Inflation Reduction Act' Will Do

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 • Here's the Truth About What 'Inflation Reduction Act' Will Do Richard Stern
 • Victims blame Soros-backed prosecutors for deadliest crimes in US cities Tori Richards
 • Every Senate Democrat votes against defining pregnancy as unique to females Virginia Aabram
 • When Democrats call on “experts” to support their agenda, grab your wallet John Ruberry
 • Senate Republicans fume over Democrats passing surprise reconciliation deal Emily Jacobs
 • What energy components are in the Manchin-Schumer reconciliation bill? Examiner
 • Nancy Pelosi’s Childlike Diplomacy Mirrors America’s Childlike Posture Toward China Victor Davis Hanson
 • NY Governor's war with judges Jazz Shaw
 • GOP locked and loaded: 500 'preservation letters' sent for investigations Daniel Chaitin


 • Sunday Talks, SF Fed Chair Sees Half of Inflation Driven by Excess Demand of Some Unknown Something CTH
 • After Pelosi’s Visit, It’s Time for US-Taiwan Free Trade Agreement Anthony B. Kim
 • Top Trump donor says Ron DeSantis would do a wonderful job in the White House Karen Townsend

Scandal Central

 • Bleu: CIA should respond to speculation regarding human trafficking, Jeffrey Epstein Eliza Bleu
 • Marking one year after the Afghanistan withdrawal debacle Jazz Shaw
 • Inside a Pregnancy Center That Pro-Abortion Vandals Attacked Virginia Allen


 • PredictIt Betting on US Elections Nixed by American Regulators Yahoo!
 • Sad Stephanopoulos Promotes Dick Cheney as Democrats Hope to Help Joe Biden CTH
 • Microsoft Goes Full Big Brother With Minecraft Bans Douglas Blair


 • Israel Defense Forces kill 'entire top brass' of Palestinian Islamic Jihad Jenny Goldsberry
 • Mexico: Vigilantes burn ‘pedophile’ alive after he was accused of rape and murder of girl, 6 Les Steed
 • Egypt frets as Ethiopia's mega dam prepares to come online Samson Mulugeta

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

 • The lost nuclear bombs that no one can find Zaria Gorvett
 • Disruption to Taiwan microchip supply threatens a ‘major crisis’ Tom Rees
 • The earth is spinning faster... or slower Jazz Shaw


 • True Tales of Nick Simon, Excel Guru Lampoon
 • New York Governor Kathy Hochul Enters Inauthenticity Contest Determined to Dethrone Elizabeth Warren CTH
 • Awww Monday Woodsterman Style ~ 363 ~ A Woodsterman

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Taxes on energy, companies, stocks etc. - What's in the Democrat's Inflation / Tax Bill?