Wednesday, August 31, 2022

Larwyn’s Linx: Kash Patel: Seized Documents Showed DOJ and FBI Corruption in Russia Hoax

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 • Kash Patel: Seized Documents Showed DOJ and FBI Corruption in Russia Hoax CTH
 • DJT: Same FBI Agent 'Escorted Out' for Hiding Hunter’s Laptop Linked to Mar-a-Lago Raid PJM
 • Obama-Era ‘Sisters’ Circle Trump Julie Kelly
 • Joe Biden Mocks ‘Brave Right-Wing Americans’ Who Believe in 2A Debra Heine
 • Fairfax schools orientation instructs students on gender identity 'non-disclosure' Jeremiah Poff
 • John Fetterman infantilizes blacks to oppose voter ID laws Zachary Faria
 • Endangered Dem incumbents running away from Biden's Academia bailout Ed Morrissey
 • Women Are Disproportionately Hurting Our Country Dennis Prager
 • Biden’s White House Colluded With Big Tech To Gag Covid Dissenters Like Alex Berenson Federalist


 • The Energy Economy CTH
 • Financial industry pushes back against liberal SEC rules Zachary Halaschak
 • Is Housing Really In Trouble? Jeff Weniger

Scandal Central

 • Grassley, Johnson Call On FBI To Explain Interference In Hunter Biden Investigation Sen. Grassley
 • FBI’s ‘Supervisory Intelligence Analyst’ Arrested for Child Sex Abuse. Natalie Winters
 • FBI agent under fire for Hunter Biden whistleblower claims says he resigned Daniel Chaitin


 • LIBS OF TIKTOK: Mainstream media isn't mad about gender surgeries on teens, they're mad you found out Chaya Raichik
 • Frustrations Mount at Washington Post as Its Business Struggles DNYUZ
 • Ohio Supreme Court declines to take up Oberlin's appeal, college will now have to pay Gibson's Bakery John Sexton


 • 'Nobody's head has rolled' for deadly Afghanistan withdrawal Mike Brest
 • Survivable ships and long-range missiles, not B-2 bombers, are key to winning any Taiwan war Tom Rogan
 • The devastating toll of the Afghanistan War — by the numbers Mike Brest

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

 • 10 Facts Electric Vehicle Advocates Don't Want You to Know Mark Tapscott
 • Iran tries to hijack US Navy unmanned vessel Jazz Shaw
 • US life expectancy fell in 2021... again Jazz Shaw0


 • Ark Of The Covenant Unboxing Video Goes Horribly Wrong Bee
 • Seven Dead Doctors in 14 Days Don't Lie FPM
 • Lizzo Pre-Qualifies Her Outfits To Ensure The Safety Of Others Earl of Taint

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