Thursday, August 04, 2022

Larwyn’s Linx: Manchin’s Reward for Backing Democrats’ Spending Bill Easily Could Be Thrown Out

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 • Manchin’s Reward for Backing Democrat Spending Bill Could Be Thrown Out Jack McEvoy
 • Excusing Illegal Immigration Comes Back to Bite Mayors of DC, NYC Douglas Blair
 • The battle between Rep. Nadler and Rep. Maloney continues in New York City John Sexton
 • Arizona Enters Day Three Still Counting Ballots CTH
 • Georgia Secretary of State's Office Admits To 2020 Election Recount "Errors" Emerald Robinson
 • Kari Lake Pulls Ahead in Arizona, Trump-endorsed Candidates Run the Board CTH
 • Sad News, Indiana Congresswoman Jackie Walorski and Two Staff Killed in Car Accident CTH
 • Washington Post Sinks to New Lows in Write-Up of Death of Rep. Jackie Walorski Sister Toldjah
 • Excellent News, Senator Tim Scott Endorses Senator Lisa Murkowski CTH


 • Green Energy: Lights out, cold showers in Europe Jazz Shaw
 • Pro-coal groups sign letter blasting Manchin-backed bill Blaze
 • Taxes in Manchin-Schumer-Biden Plan Would Hit Both Rich and Poor Americans Preston Brashers

Scandal Central

 • 4 Takeaways From Senate Panel’s Hearing on Gain-of-Function Research, COVID-19 Fred Lucas
 • New Biden EO to HHS: Cover interstate abortion expenses Ed Morrissey
 • Biden Executive Order on Abortion Travel Funding Appears to Violate Hyde Amendment Fred Lucas


 • Dave Chappelle vs. the New Puritans Allan Stratton
 • 80-year-old store owner who fended off 4 armed would-be robbers speaks out Blaze
 • Mom of man in custody for McDonald’s cold-fries shooting details what led to incident Post


 • Pelosi’s Taiwan Trip: An Opportunity Lost James Carafano
 • China launches major live-fire military drill around Taiwan following Pelosi visit TOI
 • China foreign minister calls Pelosi's Taiwan visit 'manic', 'irrational' Al-Reuters


 • What happened to Batgirl? John Sexton
 • Letters to the Editor that will rattle you to your core Lampoon
 • Open Thread 20220804 Q Tree

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