Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Larwyn’s Linx: Americans feeling pain of housing crisis: millions fear eviction under Bidenomics

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 • Americans feeling pain of housing crisis: millions fear eviction under Bidenomics Aaron Kliegman
 • Grooming Future Revolutionaries Claremont
 • The moral necessity of DeSantis’s immigrant flight Examiner
 • Flashback: Gavin Newsom Shipped Homeless Out of S.F. With ‘One-Way Tickets’ Rusty Weiss
 • Guess what caused Jackson, Mississippi's water crisis Jazz Shaw
 • Soft-on-crime Philly DA fights back against removal efforts Jazz Shaw
 • Justice Department Desperate to Conceal ‘Classified’ Records Julie Kelly
 • Federal Court Nixes Big Tech Censors; Sets Up SCOTUS To Restore Free Speech Margot Cleveland
 • Leftists should think ahead before destroying the filibuster. Sean Ross Callaghan


 • Conservative group targets BlackRock at conference of state treasurers Zachary Halaschak
 • Curious Article, House Republicans Planning to Investigate Chamber of Commerce? CTH
 • Chinese-based company buys Levy land for primate facility ChronicleOnline

Scandal Central

 • Jim Jordan Outlines Claims by FBI Whistleblower CTH
 • DOJ Internal Misconduct Shrouded in Veil of Secrecy Eric Felten
 • That time a Democrat lawyer accused praying Christians of doing a Nazi salute Karen Townsend


 • Every Red State Governor in America Should Be Shipping Illegals to Sanctuary Cities in Blue States John Hawkins
 • New DeSantis ad features mother of 21-year-old killed by illegal immigrant Julia Johnson
 • Mike Lindell must face defamation lawsuit, Minnesota judge rules Rachel Schilke


 • Ukraine: Russia resorting to "nuclear terrorism" with strikes near power plant Ed Morrissey
 • White House finds itself in Biden Taiwan clean-up mode as world leaders gather Naomi Lim
 • Biden: US Will Only Defend Taiwan Against “Unprecedented” Attack Daniel Greenfield


 • Queen Elizabeth II Coffin Lowered into Royal Vault During Stunning Final Interment CTH
 • The line between crazy and extremely woke and manipulative is a fine one John Sexton
 • Libturd Tuesday AM Woodsterman


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BOOM!! WATCH: Don Lemon schooled by Hilary Fordwich on royal family reparations


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Anonymous said...

Can you imagine any foreign policy that is imprecise and unclear. Imagine the men of the Alamo responding to demands for surrender with a similar Demorat response. Can you imagine Patrick Henry's speech if mouthed by a swamp critter.

Sorry I'll go with Molon labe every time. Maybe that's why swamp critters always make the world hell and you have to offer your sons as a human sacrifice to make up for the lack of brains, chins, spines, and guts of the swampies and their fellaters.