Monday, September 12, 2022

Larwyn’s Linx: Illinois eager to join Democrats' pro-crime experiment

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 • Illinois eager to join Democrats' pro-crime experiment Examiner
 • Everyone Around Biden Is an Election Denier, Including Him Matt Margolis
 • Inside LA's out-of-control juvenile jails where violence rules in the Newsom era Tori Richards
 • DOJ Won't Reveal Mar-A-Lago Docs—Except Thru Media Leaks Margot Cleveland
 • Democrat refuses to debate Trump-backed Kari Lake in Arizona governor race Daniel Chaitin
 • Investigation launched into West Texas border patrol retweets of Stephen Miller Victor I. Nava
 • America Delira Victor Davis Hanson
 • The FBI's Apex Bureaucracy Is Dangerous J.B. Shurk
 • Electoral Fraud Goes Mainstream Jack Gleason


 • Recession ahead? Four traditional indicators — and four weird ones Zachary Halaschak
 • The great food reset Times
 • Surging prices hit UK economic growth, raise recession risk Al-Reuters

Scandal Central

 • A Different Take on the Dismissal of the Trump v Clinton Lawsuit CTH
 • Dirty Mark Warner Says “People Will Die” if Trump Mar-a-Lago Documents Become Public CTH
 • The Tenth Anniversary of The Attack in Benghazi, Libya CTH


 • No, liberals, there is no comparison to be made between 9/11 and 1/6 David Strom
 • Instagram fact-checks Trump WTC photo as ‘missing context’ PM
 • The muted response to the murder of Jeff German Jazz Shaw


 • What’s in a name? Three words between Taiwan and war Joel Gehrke
 • From a Corona Dictatorship to a Heating Dictatorship GoV
 • Europe Rises Up, It's Hard to Find the Videos IndSent


 • What I saw on 9/11 while traveling with President Bush Ari Fleischer
 • They’re Hot For Something That Scares Someone(s) Silly Earl of Taint
 • Awww Monday Woodsterman Style ~ 368 ~ A Woodsterman

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