Wednesday, September 07, 2022

Larwyn’s Linx: The Regime of Censorship Being Imposed on the Internet

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 • The Regime of Censorship Being Imposed on the Internet Glenn Greenwald
 • I’m A Democrat Who Thinks Biden’s Anti-Democratic Rhetoric Has Gone Too Far Scott Street
 • Washington Post Jumps Back onto the Foreign Nation Nuclear Secrets Angle to Raid CTH
 • Tucker Carlson Outlines the Totalitarian Outlook of Joe Biden CTH
 • Got Electricity? After $370 Billion Climate Giveaway, Biden to Starve American of Energy WFB
 • A Day After Boasting He Beat Big Pharma, Biden Introduces New Annual COVID Vaccine CTH
 • Fetterman Taps Cop Killer Ally For Board of Pardons WFB
 • 'Inflation Reduction Act' to Increase Inflation, Impoverish Middle Class Pete Hoekstra
 • Federal Government’s Bungled Census Bad News for Red States. Here’s Why. Hans von Spakovsky


 • “Lehman Event” Looms For Europe As Energy Companies Face $1.5T In Margin Calls Josh Owens
 • California Governor Reminds All Correct Thinking Citizens to Remain Committed to Scarce Energy CTH
 • PA's Blue Collar Workers Take a Blowtorch to Joe Biden's College Bailout Plan Matt Vespa

Scandal Central

 • Special Counsel Must Choose: Risk A Russia Hoaxer’s Second Acquittal Or Expose More Deep-State Dirt Margot Cleveland
 • The FDA's mass murder of more than half a million Americans Times
 • Groups File Lawsuit Against Pennsylvania For Illegally Altering Ballots Federalist


 • DC panics because Politico may become nonpartisan Don Surber
 • Not Convinced The 1619 Project Lies About History? Look At This Professor’s Forced Confession Mary Grabar
 • 'Serious Concerns': Pittsburgh Editorial Board Questions Fetterman's Fitness for Office Spencer Brown


 • Arabs to Biden: Do Not Sign the Iran Deal, It Will Start a War Khaled Abu Toameh
 • Going Hungry Under Green Policies John Stossel
 • Who Is Liz Truss and How Will She Govern as UK’s New Prime Minister? Douglas Blair

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

 • Lawmakers Must Act as Biden Weaponizes Big Tech Against Americans Jake Denton
 • Second largest U.S. school district LAUSD hit by ransomware Sergiu Gatlan
 • Farewell, passwords: How Passkeys will change digital privacy Christopher Hutton


 • In 5 Charts, How Heritage’s Budget Blueprint Would Clean Up Washington’s Mess David Ditch
 • 50 Years On, Remembering The Munich Olympics Massacre LI
 • The Wednesday Skipism ~ 1 Woodsterman

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