Saturday, September 03, 2022

Larwyn’s Linx: Biden's Pro-Antifa Gettysburg Address

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 • Biden's Pro-Antifa Gettysburg Address Ace
 • Biden's American carnage speech Byron York
 • Biden Delivers Attack Speech Against MAGA that Mitch McConnell Cannot CTH
 • Double the Income, Double the Fun: Warnock Milks Senate Seat for All It’s Worth. DrillDown
 • 'Done with Portland': Residents fed up with crime and homelessness John Sexton
 • We Are All Paying The Bill For Our Government’s ‘Unwavering Support’ Of Ukraine Federalist
 • Déjà Vu? DOJ’s ‘Classified Documents’ Feels Like A Get-Trump Deja Vu Margot Cleveland
 • Joe Biden’s Hateful Attack on Half the Country Christopher Roach
 • Is the January 6 Committee the Beginning of One-Party Rule? William Manning


 • Their lies surrounding the Baby Formula shortage, and what really happened @ladyjustice6910
 • GM Offers To Buy Out Buick Dealerships Refusing To Toe The Line On Electric Cars DC
 • IRS Leaks 120,000 Taxpayers’ Info, Blames ‘Human Coding Error’ DC

Scandal Central

 • Biden Brings in Bagman Podesta to Divvy Up $316 Billion in Climate Money to DNC Donors Ahead of Midterms CTH
 • Bill Barr Does what Bill Barr Does, The Institutions Must Be Preserved at all Costs CTH
 • Report: Tony Bobulinski Fears Former FBI Agent Buried Biden Family Chinese Business Bombshell Breitbart


 • The Last Will and Testament of the Libs of TikTok Ace
 • My Farewell to Hot Air Allahpundit
 • Post editorial board: Biden's 'scolding' and 'demeaning' speech fell short John Sexton


 • Satellite images of naval base in Cambodia expose China’s lie Jamie Seidel
 • Can India Defeat China and Pakistan’s Air-to-Air Missiles? Girish Linganna
 • Turkish warship docks in Israel for 1st time in over a decade TOI

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

 • UAH Global Temperature Update for August, 2022: +0.28 deg. C Roy Spencer, PhD
 • Shenzhen districts locked down as China battles COVID outbreaks Al-Reuters
 • California governor signs bill to keep last reactors running Michael R. Blood


 • Biden Opens Camps In Which To Concentrate Political Dissidents And Other Undesirables Bee
 • ‘This Is So Embarrassing’: Woman Stuck Upside Down In Gym Equipment Calls 911 For Rescue DC
 • This Week In Pictures Power Line

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