Friday, September 02, 2022

Larwyn’s Linx: Visibly shaken Tucker Carlson calls dangerous Biden speech truly nuts

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 • Visibly shaken Tucker Carlson calls dangerous Biden speech truly nuts BPR
 • White House Unable To Distinguish Between 'Semi-Fascist' Republicans And Average Republicans Lord
 • Boyd: McConnell’s Chinese Business Ties Are A Glaring Conflict Of Interest Federalist
 • Sanctuary cities -- for criminals Don Surber
 • Chicago Receives First Migrant Bus From Texas OAN
 • Who is the audience for Biden's speech on 'MAGA' GOP threatening democracy? W. James Antle III
 • Optics Created by Joe Biden Team for a National Address Were Downright Creepy CTH
 • Biden Demonizes GOP in Unhinged Prime Time Diatribe: MAGA ‘Fanning Flames of Violence’ Debra Heine
 • 6 Ways Democrats Are ‘Threatening Democracy’ Federalist


 • Long-term con: Obamacare was ‘paid for’ by nationalizing student loans Timothy P. Carney
 • Amazon Powered Down All Its Solar Panels Because They Kept Catching On Fire DC
 • How Randi Weingarten Damaged a Generation of Kids Post

Scandal Central

 • Remember when Pelosi sold 25,000 shares of $NVDA back in July? Nancy Pelosi Stock Tracker
 • Biden is disgracing the institution of the prime-time presidential address Marc A. Thiessen
 • Remember When Hillary Destroyed Subpoenaed Docs and the Feds Gave Her a Pass? We Do. PJM


 • Today’s blacklisted American: Google scholarship sets racist quotas favoring minorities Robert Zimmerman
 • We Must Make Ourselves Equal Glenn C. Loury
 • Google Won’t Let Trump’s App On Its Store — Here’s What It Does Allow DC


 • China Preps For War With Coal As US Self-Destructs With Green Energy Federalist
 • Biden’s Looming Giveaway to Iran NRO
 • Russia said to tell Iran to leave Syrian sites amid rise in apparent Israeli strikes TOI

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

 • Power Company Seizes Control of Thermostats in Colorado During Heatwave Summit
 • The Real Inconvenient Truth: Arctic Sea Ice Has Grown Since 2012 Chris Morrison
 • On Mars you can find glaciers everywhere in the mid-latitudes Robert Zimmrman


 • Introducing the Kids' F.B.I. Agent Kit! Lampoon
 • You Might Be A Fascist If… Twitchy
 • Trump Torches Biden: 'Someone Should Explain to Him What MAGA Means!' Hannity

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