Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Larwyn’s Linx: CBP Document Details Mass Release of Illegal Aliens under Biden

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 • CBP Document Details Mass Release of Illegal Aliens under Biden CIS
 • Democrat Katie Porter blasts local police as 'disgrace' in leaked text messages Asher Notheis
 • The Wrong Way to Respond to High Gas Prices Ben Lieberman
 • Lawsuits mount on Biden's student loan forgiveness plan Kaelan Deese
 • Strategic Oil Reserve Level Hits 40-Year Low as Hurricane Season Fires Up. Thanks, Brandon. PJM
 • Armed black rights groups march through Austin demanding Biden 'close the border' Daily Mail
 • Finally, libs fear the Supreme Court Don Surber
 • Union hack: offering students a better education is bad for their business David Strom
 • Next up on the Supreme Court's agenda: Affirmative action John Sexton


 • Anything-and-Everything Socialism Sohale Andrus Mortazavi
 • Wind Farm Faces Shutdown as Parts Start Flying Off Turbines - Because It's Too Windy Jack Davis
 • Bank of England triggers emergency action plan as UK's financial stability at risk Express

Scandal Central

 • Rep. Jim Jordan: FBI Arrest of Pro-Life Father ‘Consistent’ With DOJ Corruption Mary Margaret Olohan
 • After the Coming Winter of Discontent, Putin Either Goes Nuclear or Dies Brandon J. Weichert
 • Is Manchin's sell-out deal on permitting reforms with Schumer doomed in the Senate? Karen Townsend


 • New York Times Admits That Hundreds of ‘Top Surgeries’ Are Being Performed on Children Jarrett Stepman
 • Chair of a "human rights" NGO tweets antisemitism - and unapologetically deletes it Elder of Ziyon
 • Who Decides What Children Read? Authoritarians Slander Parent Groups as ‘Book Banners’ Jay Greene


 • Russia readies annexation of territory as big as Portugal EURACTIV
 • Russian warships and Chinese guided missile cruiser spotted off the coast of Alaska Daily Mail
 • Tucker Carlson Discusses Nord Stream Pipeline Sabotage, Almost Certainly a U.S. Covert Action Against Russia CTH


 • Managing Expectations, Hurricane Ian 11pm Update – Now it is Time to Hunker Down CTH
 • DeSantis Delivers the Perfect Response to Biden's Pettiness Over Hurricane Call Nick Arama
 • Will Libertarian Candidates Again Deny GOP the U.S. Senate? Edward Ring

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