Friday, September 16, 2022

Larwyn’s Linx: Facebook spied on private messages of Americans who questioned 2020 election

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 • Facebook spied on DMs of Americans who questioned 2020 election Miranda Devine
 • Democrats’ 'Defund the police’ aftermath means fewer officers on job across US Examiner
 • McDonald's CEO bemoans crime 'seeping into every corner' of Chicago Julia Johnson
 • Tucker Carlson Notices Missing Jubilation in Martha’s Vineyard as 50 Illegal Aliens Arrive CTH
 • Biden: DeSantis and Abbott 'un-American' for using immigrants as 'props' Christian Datoc
 • Biden Reportedly Pressuring FBI to 'Cook Up' White Supremacy Cases Leah Barkoukis
 • Biden’s border crisis now overwhelming El Paso with street encampments Carter
 • Top Biden official met with Soros activists ahead of border crisis: Report Tori Richards
 • National Security Threat: China's Eyes in America Peter Schweizer


 • Biden Green New Deal (Inflation Reduction Act) Created a "Carbon Trading" Platform CTH
 • Europe's Energy Crisis Pete Hoekstra
 • Send All of the Illegals to Martha’s Vineyard. Dan Gelernter

Scandal Central

 • Connections, Facebook Spies on Private Messages and DHS Uses Private Chats Against J6 Detainees CTH
 • 'Tear apart' DOJ and FBI: Devin Nunes implores Republicans to act on John Durham bombshell Daniel Chaitin
 • Judge denies DOJ request on classified docs and appoints Trump pick as special master Jack Birle


 • Big Tech Whistleblower Exposes Twitter’s Close Relationship With The Chinese Communist Party Helen Raleigh
 • Biden administration talking out of both sides of their mouth on the border Hot Air
 • The rise and fall of the hate-crime hoax Spiked


 • Russian President Vladimir Putin survives another brutal assassination attempt The Sun
 • Ukrainian medic once held by Russians shares horrifying details Mike Brest
 • Russia says pipeline to China will replace Nord Stream 2 EURACTIV

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

 • Chinese hacking group targets government officials in several countries Grant Gross
 • Cyber-risk from Internet of Things prompts new EU rules EU Observer
 • Incredible Videos Surface From Massive Earthquake In Papua New Guinea DC


 • Say Her Name Peachy Keenan
 • Strip, Strip Hooray Stilton’s Place
 • Funny Friday ~ Morning Edition Woodsterman

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