Saturday, September 17, 2022

Larwyn’s Linx: Durham's Russiagate claim exposes FBI and DOJ's yearslong misinformation campaign

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 • Durham's exposes FBI and DOJ's yearslong misinformation campaign Jerry Dunleavy
 • ZuckBucks Election Rigger Announces Plan To Take Over Government Election PR Federalist
 • I(gor) Was a Calumnist for the FBI Spectator
 • America's blackest city elected a Democratic Socialist mayor... John Sexton
 • Poll: Over one-third of San Franciscans plan to leave crime-ridden 'sanctuary city'​ Blaze
 • Democrat Mandela Barnes and Defunding Police WSJ
 • Turley: No, flying immigrants to Martha's Vineyard is not 'literally human trafficking' John Sexton
 • DOJ Drops Threshold Opposition to Special Master on Appea Turley
 • Kamala Refuses to Acknowledge Illegal Migrants Who Arrived At Her Home Sarah Arnold


 • Hard landing: Chances of curbing inflation without a recession look slim John Sexton
 • It Only Took 24 Hours For A Rich Liberal Enclave To Kick Out Their Illegal Migrants DC
 • Renewables will not solve the energy crisis Spiked

Scandal Central

 • FBI Agents Accuse Biden of Pressuring FBI to Fabricate 'Extremist' and 'White Supremacist' Cases PJM
 • J6 rioter gets five years for "celebrating" Jazz Shaw
 • The FBI Paid For Russian Disinformation To Frame Trump—And 7 Other Takeaways From Durham’s Latest Court Filing Margot Cleveland


 • DeSantis Is Just Masterfully Trolling Impotent Libs Now Stephen Kruiser
 • New Book Examines Atheism’s False Gods Andrew Harrod
 • Black Rifle Coffee Magazine’s Editor Donated To Biden, High Profile Employees Gave To Democrats National File (July)


 • Chile Votes Down Democracy - Benighted nation snubs enlightened international Left! Thaddeus G. McCotter
 • Give Iran Nukes, Says Quincy Institute’s New Iran Expert Adam Kredo
 • Biden Sold a Million Barrels From US Strategic Petroleum Reserve to China-Owned Gas Giant WFB (July)


 • Corgis Dressed in Royal Attire Gather in Australia to Honor the Late Queen, a Corgi Mum of Five Andy Corbley
 • Texas Deports Beto Earl of Taint
 • The Week In Pictures Power Line

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