Thursday, August 25, 2005

Doing what Democrats do best: Losing Elections

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No matter how many elections they lose, or how many elections the Iraqis and the Afghans hold, or how many al Qaeda are captured or killed, the left will always be against the war and for retreat.

The good news is that the American electorate isn't stupid, and that new media exists where it didn't in 1969.

I'm just wondering if, and not when, the Democratic party will get the message. Will it take scores of dead civilians inside America? Take, for example, the reported Islamic Jihad plot, which was broken up by the FBI:

The Palestinian Islamic Jihad planned an attack inside the United States, but it might have been thwarted by federal law enforcement, an FBI agent testified Tuesday afternoon...

“I can tell you there was a plot to commit terrorist acts in the United States,” he said. “It was interdicted, I believe.”

Moffitt asked when that happened.

“It’s classified,” Myers said, drawing chuckles from defendants’ relatives and supporters in the courtroom gallery.

Chuckles. Yes, it's just another lighthearted day in court for the alleged brethren of Al-Qaeda.

And... shhhhhhhhhhhhh... no one tell the Left, these are groups similar to the ones funded by Saddam Hussein (Abu Nidal, Ansar al Islam, Arab Liberation Front, Hamas, Kurdistan Workers Party, MEK, Palestine Liberation Front, etc.) prior to the Iraq War.

But, no, according to the Left, we should never have invaded Iraq. We should have simply located the country of Al-Qaeda-istan and invaded. And, then, we should have arrested anyone carrying a laminated "Al-Qaeda Member" card. And all of our troubles would have been over.

If you're wondering why the current Democratic leadership -- consisting of Boxer, Dean, Feinstein, Kennedy, Biden, Schumer, etc. -- can't be allowed anywhere near the levers of government power, I think we have our answer.

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