Monday, August 08, 2005

"Get Used to the Minority"

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Excel web sharing - spreadsheet collaboration over the Internet made easy with BadBlueHere's a telling snippet of an interview with Mort Kondracke, along with a spot-on analysis, courtesy RadioBlogger.

MM: You would think if America has a 7/7 of its own coming up in any time of the near future, that we could face [UK-style immigration restrictions]?

MK: Absolutely. I mean, there...what's unfortunate is that it's going to be an immigration crackdown, you know, and we're not admitting enough H-1B Visa applicants as it is now to fill the kind of professional jobs that we need to. You know, it's going to be close the border, all that kind of stuff. And it's going to be excessively punitive on people who have nothing to do with terrorism.

CPL: But Mort, I know we're running out of time, but I guess our question is, in my view, why do these sort of proposals have to wait for another attack? I mean, where is any kind of Democrat out front on this, analogous to Tony Blair, who is essentially a Democrat in England?

MK: Well, Tony Blair wasn't doing it until his country got hit, and you know, it concentrates the mind.

...I was absolutely floored when Mort said very matter-of-factly that the Democrats would be Johnny on the spot once we got hit again. And that attitude, which apparently is a plank in their national platform, the wait-for-disaster-and-get-political-mileage-out-of-it plank, is exactly why this party cannot be trusted anywhere near the levers of power for the foreseeable future. Is Bush or the Republican party perfect? Of course not. But they are trying to move the country towards a new paradigm where national security is more important than we've had to think about pre-9/11.

The Democrats have no answers. They have no solutions. They do not have the country's defense as their first priority. Their first priority is to lay in the weeds like a snake and strike after its prey has already been bit by something else? What kind of leadership is that?

Run away from Iraq. Neuter the Patriot Act. Investigate the kids of Court appointees whose ideology you don't share. Stall our representative to the U.N. Premeditate a political response if a national crisis occurs after a terrorist attack.

Get used to the minority, Democrats. You simply are too dangerous to be trusted at the present time.

AutoRantic Virtual Moonbat

The terrifying aspect to this analysis is its stunning accuracy. In only a few, short sentences, RadioBlogger has captured the essence of today's Democratic party. Where is a Roosevelt, a Truman or a John Kennedy?

Where is a leader capable of bringing something to the table except obstructionism, a tape-recorder playing "the Best of Michael Moore", and shrill rants capped off by, "Yeeeeaaaaarrrrggggghh!"?

The current leadership of the party is best represented by its current spokesman, the AutoRantic Virtual Moonbat, pictured at right. While it presents no new ideas of its own, it can dispense pithy diatribes that tar the current administration while offering no solutions to the long-term threats facing the country.

Consider: the war against fundamentalist extremism. Social security. The tax system. Education. And so forth. Other than obstructionism, where do the Democrats stand?

Go ye and read of RadioBlogger, for it is good: RadioBlogger.

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