Monday, August 01, 2005

Recruiting at Defcon

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Excel web sharing - spreadsheet collaboration over the Internet made easy with BadBlueThe security blog reports that the Department of Defense is hiring. In fact, the director of the DOD's Cybercrime Center has already attended eight Defcon conventions. His goal: hire 21 people for the Center:

The cybercrime center aids in the investigation of cybercrimes by training law enforcement agents, running a forensics lab and developing tools for investigations. Christy is looking for electrical and computer engineers and programmers, among other people. He might fight some of those people at Defcon, he said.

And they have a good sense of humor:

On Saturday Christy and representatives from other federal agencies hosted a "Meet the Fed" session at Defcon. They pulled an old prank. First, all attendees were asked to stand. Then everyone who had not hacked into any system illegitimately was asked to sit down. The Feds then pulled out cameras and started snapping pictures.

Hiring at Defcon is a great idea. By definition, the attendees are captivated by computer security. And that's exactly the sort of person every employer wants to hire: someone energized about their job and who looks forward to a new, complex and different challenge every day. security blog

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