Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Bi-partisan support for net neutrality

I may be just a simple caveman and your beltway madness confuses and frightens me. But last time I checked, most Instapundit readers and Second Amendment-backers were members of the GOP. It looks like net neutrality is what we might want to call a "bi-partisan-amalike issue":

Technology companies deem the Barton language inadequate, as do nonprofits organized as Save the Internet. The group, which will formally launch on Monday, is expected to include about 40 consumer groups, media reform organizations and authors of Web logs. The American Library Association, Glenn Reynolds of the Instapundit blog and Gun Owners of America will be at the launch...

..."If the telecoms believe they can frame opposition to their power grab as a liberal or anti-free-market attack, they are sadly mistaken," said Craig Fields, director of communications for the gun owners' group... Last week, the progressive political group sent out an "action alert" urging its members to tell Congress to include network neutrality in its telecom bill... Ben Scott of Free Press, which organized the Save the Internet group, said "the idea is that there is a strange-bedfellows coalition on net neutrality, with all kinds of people concerned about the future of the Internet, and wanting to make sure that everyone is treated equally."

Read "'Net Neutrality' Debate Heats Up As Lawmakers Return To D.C." and remember to visit Save the Internet!

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