Saturday, April 01, 2006

Democrats hold a national security workshop

Erudite pearls of wisdom from EIB. The Democrats will hold a workshop on National Security to figure out -- apparently -- what their position should be. I'll be honest -- that's just taunting-the-tiger-with-raw-meat scary.

The Democrats -- 36 of them, 36 Democratic candidates -- are scheduled to gather in Washington Monday for workshops on national security and military issues... [they] say they are going to catch Osama bin Laden, the same Osama bin Laden that Bill Clinton let slip through our fingers two or three times. They're going to increase the number of spies. They're going to double the number of troops and Special Forces, and they're going to be "tough and smart," says their Senate leader, Dingy Harry.

Nancy Pelosi over in the House said we're going to be "strong and smart." She left out tough. So they say they're going to get Osama. Well, how they going to do this? It might serve us well to examine their track record, because they don't want to do any spying on terrorists who are phoning into America or phoning out of America. They have no desire to find out what terrorists are up to. They want to impeach and censure the president. Oh, by the way, the big censure hearing today. They had more witnesses than they had senators, and at the end of it, it was just Specter and Feingold. Feingold finally got fed up and walked out of his own hearing...

...Can you believe this? National security. It's like having a meeting behind closed doors to figure out what they believe... Forget what they come out of their workshop and say. Forget what their battle plan is. Never forget what the last three years have been like.

EIB: Democrats hold national security workshop

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