Wednesday, April 12, 2006

The Captain does the mainstream media's job

In just the latest disclosure from the HARMONY database, Captain’s Quarters offers a translation of an Iraqi Intelligence document showing that Saddam Hussein recruited suicide bombers to attack American interests.

In addition, Investor's Business Daily summarized other recent disclosures from the documents:

1995: "meeting between Saddam's spies and Osama bin Laden. During that meeting, bin Laden offered to conduct "joint operations" with Iraq. Saddam subsequently ordered his aides to "develop the relationship" with the al-Qaida leader."

1997 - "Saddam is heard on... tape predicting terrorism would soon be coming to the U.S., while his son-in-law - who was in charge of Saddam's weapons of mass destruction - gloats about lying to U.N. weapons inspectors to hide the extent of Iraq's WMD program."

1999: "...plans for a "Blessed July" operation. According to the English translation on the Foreign Military Studies Office's Joint Reserve Intelligence Center Web site, Saddam's older son Uday ordered 50 members of the fanatical "Fedayeen Saddam" group to stage bombings and assassinations in Iraq and Europe - including London, where 10 people were assigned."

2000: "Saddam...talks with Iraqi scientists about his plans to build a nuclear device. He discusses Iraq's plasma separation program - an advanced uranium-enrichment technique completely missed by U.N. inspectors."

2001: "Saddam's government provided financial aid to Abu Sayyaf guerrillas in the Philippines. Abu Sayyaf is an al-Qaida offshoot co-founded by bin Laden's brother-in-law."

"Saddam Hussein's regime was planning suicide attacks on U.S. interests six months before 9-11."

The Captain's prediction, which I'll echo, is that this will have no effect on the "Bush lied, WMD, Halliburton, War-for-Oil, Cheney-neocon" crowd. In fact, it seems to me that even if a nuke were unearthed at one of Saddam's palaces, the anti-Bush "reality-based" community is so fevered they would find a way to ignore that news, too.

And can anyone in our class tell us why the mainstream media isn't covering this story? Ms. Dowd? Frank Rich? Richard Cohen? Bueller? Anyone?

***tumbleweed rolls by***

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