Sunday, April 02, 2006

Feingold's Embarrassing Censure Hearing

The oh-so-concerned-with-national-security Democrats are holding censure hearings over the President's act of wiretapping international calls between terrorist cells.

And, yes, the mediacrats continue to call these wiretaps "domestic". Let's see. The taps can only be called domestic if an airplane flying from Tokyo to San Franscisco is considered a "domestic flight".

Anyhow, Russ Feingold, John Dean, and a bunch of other hard-left barking moonbats -- that's the term they prefer, I believe -- are humiliating themselves in a forlorn attempt to censure the President.

Leave it to associate director of the Center for National Security Law, Robert Turner, to set 'em straight.

In wartime, the idea that the president should sit back and say, well I have the power to do this, it could save American lives, but I don't want to offend certain members of Congress so I'm not going to allow the National Security Agency to listen when bin Laden calls some US person who might well be a Saudi national who's totally committed to bin Laden's cause who lives in this country, he qualifies as an American under FISA. We know, we've got considerable evidence that FISA contributed to 9/11. We know Colleen Rowley, the FBI agent who was made TIME's Person of the Year in 2002 because she was angry the FBI would not get her a FISA warrant. The FBI could not give her a FISA warrant because Moussaoui was not an agent of Al-Qaeda. Moussaoui was a lone wolf. A lot of harm has been done by what Congress did in the wake of Vietnam. The president is trying not to seize new power but to take us back where this country was from 1789 to about 1975.

Can I get an indeed™?

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