Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Why doesn't President Bush use Powerpoint?

We live in the era of iPod, Xbox, and Web 2.0. And yet, our leaders and politicians act as though they are little removed from the Lincoln-Douglass debates of 1858 in their use of technology. They wear make-up and gesture with rehearsed motions. They utter carefully couched sound-bites. And, in general, they seldom get their messages across.

Hey! This is the age of Powerpoint! Why couldn't they do presentations when they make their case? Here's an imagined speech regarding the need to invade Iraq... accompanied by a presentation:

Saddam Hussein

Many well-meaning -- but otherwise uninformed -- folks have questioned the need to take out Saddam Hussein. At left is Salman Pak in Baghdad. It's a terrorist training camp. On the left side is a Boeing 707, which was used exclusively to train hijackers. Yes, I said hijackers. We don't know how many thousands of terrorists trained here.

Saddam Hussein’s vice president, Taha Yassin Ramadan, is the man responsible for funneling money from Baghdad into the hands of the families of homicide bombers. The check at left was used to pay the family of Fuad Isma’il Ahmad al-Hurani... who blew himself up in a Jerusalem restaurant called the Moment Café. 11 people were killed in that bombing and 52 wounded.

Another Hussein-funded bomber blew up this bus. The little girl pictured at left was one of the victims -- Abigail Litle -- the American daughter of a Baptist Minister killed on March 5, 2003.

So once again... why doesn't President Bush use Powerpoint?

p.s., you can read more about Hussein and terrorism here.

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