Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Status Reports - sample output

The following depicts the output of my "status report" application. The web application takes project data as input (manually entered or collected from dotProject, Microsoft Project, etc.). I call the app "StatusReporter"... er... "StatusReporter Pro"... er... "StatusReporter EnterprisePro". Maybe I need a focus group.

Anyhow, the app produces a report that looks a little like this -- any formatting errors can be blamed on the combination of my inability to control Blogger... and Blogger itself:

Priority 1 Projects
Vindicator version 1.1Adding a new screen per work-order
Vindicator version 2Feasibility delayed due to 1.1 work
IntegratorBusiness case draft completed
Priority 2 Projects
OpenVPN OptionInstaller completed, project 2 weeks behind schedule
Tor OptionInstaller completed, project 3 weeks behind schedule
Priority 3 Projects
Wireless Broadband TestNo activity, awaiting quotes
BlackBerry TestNo activity, awaiting quotes
Recruiting - ManagerInterviewed four candidates for Director role
Recruiting - DeveloperAuthored req for Developer/Architect role (HR)
MentoringNo activity this week

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