Sunday, April 23, 2006

Senators face scrutiny for national security leaks

The era of intentional national security leaks -- the NSA's international wiretaps, CIA rendition programs, and so forth -- may be drawing to a close. The leaks all seemed designed for one purpose: to damage the Bush administration. Now credible sources report that "dozens of leak investigations are underway" at the Justice Department.

In the most startling development, MichNews notes that Senators Rockefeller (D-WV) and Durbin (D-IL) may be required to undergo polygraph examinations:

During the Bush Administration, a nexus of politicians, government workers and members of the news media have worked overtime in leaking classified information. From the secret terrorist prisons to the National Security Agency's super-secret surveillance program, intelligence officials and the Bush Administration have had to watch their counterterrorism efforts neutralized for political reasons...

...any senator or Congressional staffer that holds a security clearance can be asked at any time to take a polygraph. The individual can of course refuse to take the test, but failure to do so is reason to remove that person's security clearance. Babbin further said that Senators Rockefeller, Durbin, and Wyden, and some on their staffs will soon be requested to take polygraphs. senator has been disciplined for leaking since 1987, when Senator Patrick Leahy (D-VT) was forced to give up his seat on the powerful Senate Intelligence Committee. It was discovered he leaked classified information to reporters. Now he's on the Senate Judiciary Committee which is currently investigating top secret information regarding the NSA surveillance activities.

Flopping Aces gives us even more background information and analysis on the story. And Gateway Pundit has more. Lots more.

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