Thursday, January 25, 2007

Castro 'Almost Jogging'

Gaius at Blue Crab Boulevard: "Hugo Chavez, ever the optimist for his role model, Cuban dictator Fidel Castro, says that the maximum leader is walking. In fact, he may be jogging says Venezuela's dictator-in-progress..."

Weekend at Fidel's

Yes, he's jogging, water-skiing, and even making time with hot chicks at the beach! Weekend at Fidel's is fun for the whole family: you'll laugh, you'll cry -- it might even change your life!

Update: I really stepped in it this time. Gaius is a tad peeved that I ripped off his concept (which he ripped off from The Indianapolis' Star's Gary Varvel). He's threatened to unleash a firestorm of "crabtastic proportions" on me. Before I summon the poodles of war, I have offered to deliver a formal apology. If that step fails and this is indeed my last post, I can only hope that one of my seven devoted readers will avenge me by unleashing a vicious trackback boycott.

More on Fidel: CubaMania, ExpectoRants

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