Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Retired General Madeline Albright Criticizes the Bush Plan

Yes, I'm sad to say it's true. Voice of America reports that retired General Madeline Albright has strongly criticized the Bush plan for Iraq:

"The president's speech last Wednesday night should be viewed less as a statement of policy than as a prayer. It was not about reality. It was about hope. But hope is not a strategy... [it's] given Democracy a bad name... U.S. credibility [in the region] could not be lower..."

Thus, the credibility queen herself, architect of the masterful agreement with North Korea, issued a harsh rebuke of the Bush administration.

Dear Leader proposes a toast to Madeline Albright... and nukes!

The National Review's Rich Lowry documented Albright's fabrications (a nicer word than 'flat-out lies') before Congress:

The U.S. came to believe in 1997, for instance, that North Korea had built an underground nuclear facility in Kumchang-ri. The administration still dishonestly maintained that all was well with the Agreed Framework. On July 8, 1998, Albright told Congress, the Agreed Framework had "frozen North Korea's dangerous nuclear-weapons program." When intelligence about the suspect site at Kumchang-ri became public in August 1998, Albright told frustrated senators at a hearing that she hadn't known about the information until later in July. The head of the Defense Intelligence Agency, present at the hearing, had to interrupt her: "Madame Secretary, that is incorrect." She had been told many months earlier...

Madeline Albright criticizing the President? After leaving us a legacy that includes a nuclear North Korea and misleading Congress about her knowledge of their efforts?

"My friend Kim tells me that President Bush's plan is doomed."

Given her pathetic track record, Albright's criticism -- on its own -- is strong evidence that the Bush plan will succeed.

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