Thursday, January 18, 2007

Pelosi's Global-Warming Witch-Hunt Ignores China, Iran

Nancy "the extremist" Pelosi has a warning for American industry: "I promise to do anything in my power to achieve energy independence within ten years [and] stop global warming..."

Pelosi opposes: legislation to ease the construction of new refineries; allowing energy exploration in any of the areas marked in red; and nuclear energy. On top of that, she favors regulating energy prices.

Translation: Pelosi will be aiming for additional taxes, regulations, and -- at the end of the day -- higher prices for energy companies and their customers. Which translates to higher prices for everything in the supply chain. In effect, an economic disaster for the United States.

Instead of naming the real enemies of clean air -- China and Iran -- Pelosi targets American interests.

* * *

Satellite data indicates that Beijing, China is the "air pollution capital of the world."

The World Bank has warned China is home to 16 of the Earth's 20 most air-polluted cities.

The World Resources Institute reports that, "air pollution in some Chinese cities is among the highest ever recorded, averaging more than ten times the standard proposed by the World Health Organization... In Beijing, 40 percent of autos surveyed and 70 percent of taxis failed to meet the most basic emission standards."

USA Today reports that, "[d]ecades of... pollution have allowed industrial poisons to leach into groundwater, contaminating drinking supplies and leading to a rash of cancers, residents say. In this village, where the air has a distinctive sour odor, the rate of cancer is more than 18 times the national average. In nearby Liukuaizhuang, it's 30 times the national figure..."

AFP discovered that an internal Chinese government report found that nearly half a million persons die per year from pollution. Experts believe that, "China's rapid industrialization is leading to increasing environmental damage, with air pollution likely to rise five-fold in 15 years at the current rate."

Iran is another interesting case. Its pollution problems are visible throughout the capital city of Tehran.

In a single year, 10,000 people have died from pollution-related causes in that city alone.

* * *

Targeting out-of-control pollution is an admirable goal. Doing so while ignoring the world's biggest offenders is worse than a joke. But, if Democrats can damage American industry, the economy, and job-creation while paying lip-service to populist causes, they will. After all, that's their track record.

p.s., Let's ignore the fact that the U.N. has reported that cow 'emissions' are more damaging to the planet than CO2 from cars." Hamburger, anyone?

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