Monday, January 01, 2007

What should the media's New Year's resolutions be?

Firing up an open thread, Newsbusters asks, "what should the media's New Year's resolutions be?"

Mine is simple. How about they connect the freaking dots on their own news stories? Check out the top ten stories of 2006, as they were listed in one of the major newspapers:

 1) Iraq war: political disarray and mounting casualties among civilians, U.S. troops
 2) U.S. election: Democrats seize control of House and Senate
 3) Scandals bring down several in Congress including DeLay, Foley
 4) Iran, North Korea pursue nuclear programs despite international pressure
 5) More than 900 killed in month of fighting between Israel, Hezbollah; Lebanon hit hardest
 6) Muslim protests -- violence sparked by Danish cartoon, papal speech
 7) Darfur: deaths, devastation mount as outside world struggles for solution
 8) British police thwart plot to blow up jetliners; new carry-on rules imposed
 9) Saddam convicted and executed
10) Illegal immigration and Mexican protests

Maybe pro journalist Joseph Rago can help us figure out what thread links the stories in blue.

Hint: it rhymes with "Hislamofascism."

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