Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Critical Pages are Missing from the Democratic Website

Jules Crittenden performs an admirable service as he's found, organized, and linked to all of the Democratic position papers on Iraq and the War on Terror. They're just a... click... away...

Wait. Just. A. Second. Something's wrong. Jules' links aren't working.

Tell you what. Let's go to the official Democratic website. We're certainly going to be able to find the Democrats' plans for the future of Iraq, the war on terror, and the combatting the rise of global "Islamofascism."

I'll just search for democratic plans for Iraq...

Hmmm. No results found. Okay, I'll search for the Democrats' strategy for fighting the war on terror...

Odd - still no results. How about just one word: Islamofascism, which is the word that the President and others have used to describe Islamic radicals who believe in governing countries through strict interpretation of religious law.

Nada. What the heck is going on? Okay, last try: the Democrats plans for the future of Iraq.


This must be a software bug on the Democratic website. Their search function doesn't appear to work. It just has to be a bug. No modern political party could screech and whine about Iraq; advocate for retreat and appeasement; and then have virtually no strategy whatsoever for dealing with the aftermath of a pullout.

Or for combatting the global rise of Islamofascism.

Or offering a strategy for the war on terror.

Right? I mean, c'mon, seriously? Hey, I'm serious here!

Hat tip: Larwyn

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