Sunday, January 28, 2007

Best of the December and January Posts

In case you missed some recent posts (and, rest assured, you haven't missed much), here's a collection of illustrated articles from the last couple of months. They have not been sanitized for your protection.

AP's Exclusive Interview: Tommy al-Flanagan
Associated Press' Grim Milestone
Associated Press Pro Journalist Cheat Sheat
Books on my Amazon Wishlist
Carter's Heroes
Condi Rice Thought Experiment
Critical Pages missing from Democratic website

Dems meet with Terrorist Dictator
DNC's Foreign Affairs Journal
Don't question the Sellouts' Patriotism!
Democrats' First 100 Hours: Surrender
Draining the Swamp
Friends of Terror Scrapbook
Future of the New York Times
Global-Warming Witch-Hunt Ignores China, Iran
Handicapping the Democratic Candidates
Hillary Blog's First-Post Contest
Inside the Iraq Study Group
Jamil Hussein Visits Qana
Joseph Rago Pro Journalist Institute
Kofi's Job Interview
My Newspaper: Buh Bye, Legacy Media
Pelosi's Celebration
Peters, Crittenden assemble Puzzle Pieces
Quagmire II
Saddam Hussein's Final Interview
There's an upside to the 'Fairness Doctrine'
They're 'Progressives' - because they care
Tyrant Beat Magazine
UFOs over Iran
Weekend at Fidel's
What is the frequency, Keith?
9/11 Conspiracy Theorists ignore Berger

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