Wednesday, December 06, 2006

World Exclusive: Tyrant Beat Magazine

I've wondered for years how the Left could idolize despots: the likes of Saddam, Hugo, and Mahmoud. Well, the mystery is finally solved as I happened to stumble across this magazine, which may be published by the Sulzberger family (I'm not sure about that, it's just a hunch).

This explains a lot. Maureen Dowd and Cindy Sheehan, for instance.

Oven-baked good readin', just like Mama used to make:
Anchoress: A great definition of sin
Blue Crab Boulevard: Final Task
Captain's Quarters: Hamas shoots its mouth off
Hang Right Politics: Present is Prologue
Hugh Hewitt: The ISG Report: The Emporer has no Clothes
OTB: Caption Contest
Rick Moran: ISG Report: not exactly 'Blood, Sweat, and Tears'
Sister Toldjah: Gore confuses Bush with Bubba
STACLU: “RECOMMENDATION 16/17,” An Echo From The Holocaust?
Wizbang: Are some Democrats Holding Secret Meetings with Hamas?

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