Monday, December 18, 2006

Inside the Locker Room: Cincinnati Bengals

In our 33rd installment of Inside the Locker Room, we visit the inner reaches of Cincinnati's Paul Brown Stadium. The Bengals enter Monday Night's game on a roll, having won four straight. The win streak has occurred despite a series of incidents off the field, including eight player arrests in less than a year. The most recent involved wide receiver Reggie McNeal, who was arrested for -er- resisting arrest. Several players were arrested for driving under the influence including linebacker Odell Thurman, cornerback Deltha O'Neal, and wide receiver Chris Henry. In fact, Henry hit the trifecta of DUI, drug, and weapons charges while wearing his uniform.

But the Bengals appear to have put all of that behind them. Their offense, led by all-Pros Carson Palmer and Chad Johnson, has been on a roll. And their much-maligned defense has been dramatically improved.

Shhhhh. Let's listen in as Coach Marvin Lewis prepares the team for their Monday Night showdown in Indianapolis.

Guys, you've overcome a lot of adversity to be in a position to roll right into the playoffs.

Now's the time to grab opportunity, wrestle it to the ground, and stomp the life out of it.

We can do this by playing to our strengths and finding their weaknesses.

Find the weaknesses. Exploit them.

Now: time for some chalk talk. Let's lay out the Indianapolis defense.

Note the chokepoints... right here...

...and here.

So, as you come out of the bars, watch for the DUI checkpoints.

Left on Meridian, left on Washington, north on Illinois... and you could go... all... the... way...

...back to the hotel. Ready? On 3... TEAM!!

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