Friday, December 22, 2006

AP whitewashes Ahmadinejad (again)

Associated Press writer Ali Akbar Dareini quotes Iranian leader Mahmoud Ahmadinejad several times in his latest piece, "Iran's President Says Bush 'Most Hated'":

"Oh, the respectful gentleman, get out of the glassy palace and know that you are the most hated person in the eyes of the world's nations and you can't harm the Iranian nation," Ahmadinejad said... "A nation that has resisted until today will resist until the last step and will defend its rights..."

But Ali Akbar and the AP can't find time to report the highlights of a December 20th article on Ahmadinejad from AFP. In it, the Iranian president's message appears far more ominous and certainly more relevant to American readers than the AP's whitewashed version:

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has predicted that Britian, Israel and the United States would eventually disappear from the world like the Egyptian pharaonic kings.

"The oppressive powers will disappear while the Iranian people will stay. Any power that is close to God will survive while the powers who are far from God will disappear like the pharaohs... Today, it is the United States, Britain and the Zionist regime which are doomed to disappear as they have moved far away from the teachings of God... It is a divine promise...

Why the AP can't report on Ahmadinejad's direct (and repeated) threats to the U.S., the U.K., and Israel is anyone's guess. Maybe Ali Akbar didn't hear about the AFP article. But that seems highly unlikely, since this isn't the first time Iran's president has threatened the West with holocaust. A more realistic possibility is that this article is another product of the AP's unique skills: incompetence, anti-Western bias, fabrication, and editorial ignorance; all blended together into a noxious tonic.

For that matter, another thing missing from Ali Akbar's opaque article is a candid shot of the AP's most reliable source -- Jamil Hussein -- in Qana, framed by Adnan Hajj.

It's interesting -- but not surprising -- that some of Ahmadinejad's most virulent quotes also 'vanish like the Pharoahs'. After all, this is the AP we're talking about.

At the risk of being repetitive: the AP needs to move up a couple of notches to qualify as a laughingstock. Right now, they're just pathetic failures.

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