Monday, December 11, 2006

Now on 60 Minutes: the Bloody World of Mixed Martial Arts

*tick* *tick* *tick* Tonight on 60 Minutes: the bloody world of Mixed Martial Arts...

Imagine a sport so violent, it was nearly banned a decade ago...

...that sport is real. It is Mixed Martial Arts, or MMA. It is a vicious, bloody combination of boxing, wrestling, kick-boxing...

...and no-holds-barred, gladiator-style combat. Such a vicious brand of so-called "entertainment" raises only one question:

How could such a violent spectator sport even be legal?

That, and Andy Rooney, after the break.

On the next CSI Miami. When bodies of beautiful women start turning up all over Miami...

...the CSI team discovers some ghastly secrets:

Hidden inside each woman's body is a shocking clue to the killer's identity...

And when a final body, one rotting inside a barrel for decades is unearthed...

...even Horatio Caine will be fighting for his life!

It's all on the next CSI Miami!

* * *

To call CBS a laughingstock is to overstate its credibility. If you ever walk by Brooklyn's Green-Wood cemetery and hear a whistling noise, odd are it's Edward R. Murrow spinning in his grave.

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