Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Carter's Heroes

The Israeli Defense Forces report on this summer's war has just been declassified. It makes for fascinating reading. Here's a quick, illustrated summary.

From a civilian's porch, Hussein Ali Mahmoud Suleiman launched rockets into Israel.

Under a white flag, Mohammed Abd al-Hamid Srour convoyed missiles across Southern Lebanon.

Wearing civilian clothes, Maher Hassan Kourani carried his AK-47 in a duffel bag and stowed anti-aircraft missiles in a green, unmarked Volvo.

All were members of Hezbollah who put innocent civilians in the line of fire by working in their towns, sometimes in their very homes, to wage war against Israel.

Suleiman later stated, "the residents of the village... [their homes] belong to Hezbollah."

These terrorists -- both Hamas and Hezbollah -- attempt to murder Israeli civilians while hiding behind their own civilians.

And, if by chance, a precision-bombing run goes awry and some civilians are inadvertently killed, the terrorists simply dial up the useful idiots at CNN and the Associated Press for their next, free anti-Israeli infomercial.

And in Jimmy Carter's twisted, demented worldview, the war-crimes of Hamas and Hezbollah are somehow the Israelis' fault. Which begs the question:

Is there some way -- any way -- to revoke Carter's ex-president status? This walking embarrassment doesn't have the qualifications to be called a disgrace.

Update: Larwyn points us to a closely related Journal op-ed entitled, "Bush's War" (subtitle: "The president, the Iraq Study Group and winning on the modern battlefield"). It's a must-read.

Major props to AJCongress.org and Opinion Journal.

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