Monday, December 25, 2006

Books on my Amazon Wish List

I didn't get these for the holidays, so they are still on my wish list. Anyone know Judith Regan's email address? These book concepts are gold, Jerry, pure gold...

The protaganist of Harry Reid's novel is a Senator that receives a $1 million windfall in a land sale related to a controversial rezoning effort.

Rep. William Jefferson's complex, multi-faceted story is worthy of a John Grisham novel: a web of front companies, thousands of dollars stored in a freezer, and hundreds of thousands "sloshing through bank accounts."

Sandy Berger's exciting tale reads like a spy story: top-secret documents left at a "dead drop," a commission investigating a massive terrorist attack, and a coverup of extraordinary proportions.

Hillary Clinton's rags-to-riches story describes a working girl's savvy investment of $1,000; and how -- through determination and sheer grit -- she was able to turn that into nearly $100,000 in just a few months' time. It's inspirational material of the highest caliber!

Ted Kennedy's classic tale of a party, a girl, a bridge, and a soggy morning-after needs no introduction.

Major hat tips: Conservative Cat and iHillary.

Oven-baked good readin', just like Mama used to make:
Captain's Quarters, GatewayPundit, Hang Right Politics, Hugh Hewitt, Jarhead's Firing Range, OTB, Rick Moran, Wizbang

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