Wednesday, December 27, 2006

The AP's grim milestone: 100th time they've promoted a "grim milestone" meme

Gateway Pundit has all of the critical data that the anti-American information warriors at the AP can't find time to report. Rather, the AP continues its effort to promote yet another set of "grim milestone" talking-points. Maybe they figure that this sort of thing sells more papers. From the results the newspapers are posting these days, though, the AP better figure out some new memes. Quick.

But maybe the AP has a point. I'm sure we all remember the reporting shortly after Pearl Harbor, when the American death toll exceeded the fatalities incurred during the sneak attack.

During February and March, 1942: ten Allied ships are lost in the battle of the Java Sea and 2,173 sailors are lost

Another "grim milestone" that comes to mind is that this is about the 100th time the AP has tried to promote a "grim milestone" theme in its long-running information war against America. The meme hasn't resonated with mainstream America because it's a bizarre non-sequiter. For instance: one estimate puts the economic impact of the 9/11 attacks at half a trillion dollars. Have we spent that much in prosecuting the war on terror, in order to preempt even more catastrophic attacks? Say, attacks involving radiological weapons of the type Jose Padilla intended to use? Is that another grim, economic milestone we should be tracking?

The AP ought to print its press releases on plexiglass, because their anti-administration agenda is just that transparent.

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If you're after defeatism, feel free to read the various voices on the left, who seem to be rooting for American retreat, an abandonment of democracy and human rights in the Middle East, and therefore (as the American Digest patiently explains -- in terms even "progressives" can understand) an eventual genocidal holocaust.

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