Friday, January 05, 2007

John Conyers' Culture of Cranberries

So the staff of John Conyers (D-MI) absconded with sixty turkeys intended for low-income residents?

When John Conyers enters the room, turkeys tremble

Daled Amos has the fowl details:

[Conyers'] staff members picked up 60 turkeys from a local food bank, ostensibly to deliver to those in need. However, the Director of the charity became suspicious when word reached him that a federal court worker was offered a turkey by a member of Conyers' staff. Conyers has also failed to meet a December 27 deadline to provide an accounting of where the birds were delivered... [an] aide also expressed concerns in a memo to the FBI...

...Conyers, of course, is no stranger to scandal. The Democrat was investigated last year by the Ethics Committee for improperly using staff members during office hours for political campaigning. DeWayne Boyd, a former aide fired in 2002, was convicted just last month on fraud charges resulting from a scam he ran out of the Representative's office... the turkeys (meant to feed hungry poor people), were picked up from the food bank by current Deputy Thief of Staff Marion Brown, and former Aide turned felon, DeWayne Boyd. The very same Boyd fired in 2002 and convicted in December.

Now my question is this, what in the world is the Deputy Thief of Staff of a member of the U.S. House of Representatives doing running around on official business with a former staff member who was fired and convicted of fraud?

Talk about a culture of corruption... and of cranberries.

Mmmmmmmm... cranberries.

Hat tip: Larywn

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