Saturday, April 22, 2017

Larwyn's Linx: The Horrifying Death Throes of Venezuelan Socialism, Captured in 28 Headlines

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The Horrifying Death Throes of Venezuelan Socialism, in 28 Headlines: Dan Mitchell
The Professional Class Strikes Back: Matthew Continetti
Muslim Legislator Votes to Allow Life Insurance Payouts to Beneficiaries of Terrorists: GWP

Justice Department Fires Opening Salvo At Sanctuary Cities: RWN
Mexico To US: Deporting Illegal Immigrants Is A ‘Violation’ Of Rules: Will Racke
Valerie Jarrett's Not Running for Office, She Wants to Train the Next Obama: IJR

Dirty Harry Reid’s Role in Obamagate: George Neumayr
Berkeley Mayor Who Allegedly Told Police To “Stand Down” Is Part Of Antifa : 100%
Super. Chicago approves IDs for illegal immigrants: Jazz Shaw

Oops! State Dept. Mistakenly Sends JW “SECRET” Files Intended for CDC: JW
Did Berkeley police fire stun grenades at Trump supporters, instigate clash?: Victor Skinner
Detroit Doctor and Wife Charged with Conspiring to Perform Female Genital Mutilation: DOJ


The Rationing Society: Sultan Knish
Muslims to March on Amazon Over Prayer Breaks: Rod Kackley
Berkeley Once Stood for Free Speech. Now It Rolls Over.: Megan McArdle

Scandal Central

Obama Operatives Direct Town Hall Disruptions Nationwide: Penny Starr
Democrats File Federal Lawsuit to Try to Steal the Georgia Special Election: Erick Erickson
A Case for Congress and the Trump Justice Department, Not the Courts : Andrew C. McCarthy

Climate, Energy & Regulations

13 Most Ridiculous Predictions Made on Earth Day, 1970: Jon Gabriel
Power Outage Cripples San Francisco For Seven Hours: OANN
It’s Earth Day Again, And Scientists Are Marching For Something Or Other: RWN


MSNBC: ‘Unrest in Venezuela Over Trump Donations’: JWF
Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Apologists Raise More Questions Than Answers, Analysis Finds: Andrew Stiles
Want to See Where Fox News Is Likely Headed?: Retort

Rush on O’Reilly “His Departure was not Natural: TruthFeed
Revealed! Clinton cartel behind Bill O’Reilly’s firing: Horn
Honeymoon from Hell: The Liberal Media vs. President Trump: Rich Noyes and Mike Ciandella


Reminder: Why All The Jihadi Attacks? Why Now?: Christopher W. Holton
Welcoming the Caliphate to Brazil: GoV
In Venezuela, the 'Mother of all Marches': Alan Taylor

US Ground Troops in Syria Just Took Out a Wanted Terrorist Who Killed Dozens: Tribunist
North Korea warns China of ‘CATASTROPHIC CONSEQUENCES’ if it continues economic sanctions: Express
Guard Our Border: Close Canada's Backdoor Loophole!: Faith Goldy

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Expert Asserts That Tesla’s Electric Semi Will Totally Disrupt the Auto Industry: Futurism
WikiLeaks releases CIA manual on how to turn a Samsung TV into a secret microphone: DailyMail
5G Network Being Pushed on the Public with Zero Concern for Safety: Waking Times


Harvard researchers uncover second parchment copy of Declaration of Independence, in England: Globe
Berkley Erases the Thin Blue Line–For the Folks: MOTUS
Real Snowflakes: GoComics

Image: The Horrifying Death Throes of Venezuelan Socialism, Captured in 28 Headlines
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QOTD: "A production society defines achievement in terms of production. A rationing society defines it in terms of control. In a rationing society, it is possible to starve amidst plenty because the rationers would rather see people starve, than lose control over them." --Sultan Knish

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