Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Larwyn's Linx: Syria Strike Fails To Follow Progressive Playbook, Leading To Unhinged Op-Eds

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Syria Strike Fails To Follow Progressive Playbook, Leading To Unhinged Op-Eds: RWN
POTUS: We Are ‘Sending an Armada, Very Powerful’ Including Subs to NoKo: Jim Hoft
The Pinocchio Doctrine: Obama’s ‘Mission Accomplished’ Moment in Syria: Stephen Miller

A.G.: Illegal Aliens Reentering U.S. Illegally Will Be Charged With Felony: Martin Walsh
The Border Wall – A Government Project That Will Actually Pay for Itself: Brent Smith
AG Jeff Sessions Visits U.S. Southern Border: “This is a new era.": Treehouse

Throw The Bums Out — And Other Reforms: Rep. Ken Buck
Tell Hillary to Shut Up: PPD
Sean Spicer Said Something Stupid. Big Deal.: Mollie Hemingway

Rex Tillerson Was Born to Be Secretary of State: EIB
11 States Warned to Clean Voter Registration Lists or Face Federal Lawsuit: JW
Republican Ron Estes Wins CD-04 Special Election in Kansas: PPD


Republicans, Especially McCain, Took Funds for the Border Wall Out of the Omnibus: Sara Noble
Hillary: NY free tuition plan a 'great step for progressives': Amber Athey
Understanding the Costs of Healthcare: D.W. MacKenzie

Scandal Central

Hispanic Obama-Appointed Kritarch Strikes Again: Henry McCulloch
Report: FISA court approved FBI's request to spy on Carter Page: Anna Giaritelli
Soros-Funded Group Chaired By Elizabeth Warren's Daughter Fighting Voter Integrity Lawsuits: WFB

Climate, Energy & Regulations

The pigpen left: Dead body found in DAPL protest debris: Monica Showalter


NRA VS. NYT: John Hinderaker
Spicer apologizes for Hitler, chemical weapons remark: W. James Antle III
Mainstream Scream: CNN talker compares Assad to Cheney: Paul Bedard

The Last Real Liberal: Shot In the Dark
The Dopes at Snopes: Steven Hayward
Hey ESPN, Here’s Why You’re Tanking: Peter Heck


Russia Secretly 'Furious' with Syrian Regime Over Chemical Weapons Attack: Hannity
The Anti-Semitic Blood Libel: It’s Not Just For Passover Anymore: LidBlog
Trump: 'We're not going into Syria': Jordan Fabian

Migrants are being sold at open slave markets in Libya: IBTmes
Putin and Erdogan: Addicted to Power: Stratfor
Obama To Meet With Merkel In Germany In Late May: Kaitlan Collins

Why Muslims So Hate Infidels: Raymond Ibrahim
Reports: Hezbollah killed its own second in command, Mustafa Badreddine: LI
US Special Forces Annihilate ISIS Assault Team in Syria: Hannity

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Ancient Village Discovered on Canada’s West Coast Predates the Pyramids: LI
NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory Live-Streamed Spectacular Solar Eruption: DailyGalaxy
Sir Tim Berners-Lee lays out nightmare scenario where AI runs the financial world: Scott Carey


How Algorithms and Authoritarianism Created a Corporate Nightmare at United: John Robb
An Inconvenient Truth About the First Peoples: MOTUS
'May Allah Curse The Jews': Watchdog Exposes Anti-Semitism Festering In Cleveland: Ari Lieberman

Image: FBI obtained FISA warrant to monitor Trump adviser Carter Page
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