Saturday, October 27, 2018

Larwyn's Linx: Endorsers of Antifa terror suddenly outraged about non-exploding packages

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The Accidental President: Harry S. Truman and the Four Months That Changed the World
Endorsers of Antifa terror suddenly outraged about non-exploding packages: Matthew Vadum
The Attempt to Destroy Donald Trump Has Made Us Suspicious of Everything: EIB
Report: Cesar Sayoc a far-left kook who tried to reinvent himself as GOP kook: Shad Olson

Invasion of the Country Snatchers: Cal Thomas
Rather than being a haven, we are bringing persecutors to the asylum: Brian Jackson
The Open Border Activists Behind the Illegal Immigrant Caravans: Hayden Ludwig

Find Them All; Prosecute Them All: Christian Mercenary
Migrant Mob Rejects Mexico Offer To Stay: Cove
Twitter apologizes for poor handling of mail-bombing suspect's previous threats: Circa

Trump Assassination Fiction: Stuart Schneiderman
Part Two: Trevor Loudon Releases Mini-Doc on Florida’s Andrew Gillum: NoisyRm
Ammo Manufacturer Sues Dick’s Sporting Goods For Breach Of Contract: Bearing Arms


Two Unions Endorse Minnesota Republican: Bill McMorris
Al Gore: Well, Sure That Climate Report Was Torqued Up To Scare Lawmakers: Cove
NY Suit Against Exxon Meant To Force Others To Act In Cult-Approved Manner: Cove

Scandal Central

DOJ Ties a Trump FISA Release to Obstruction: Lee Smith
Trump–Russia Collusion Narrative Continues to Collapse: Brian Cates
Why Did NBC News Sit on Evidence Discrediting a Kavanaugh Accuser for Weeks?: Alex Griswold


No, CNN: Nationalism Is Not White Supremacy: Jeffrey Lord
Two Shameful, Despicable Stories from the New York Times: EIB
CNN’s laughable reason for shielding viewers from pictures of the invasion ‘caravan’: Thomas Lifson

Joseph Ellis on “American Dialogue: The Founders and Us”: Hugh Hewitt
Why Are Fake Bombs Sent to Dems More Shocking Than Real Ricin Packages to Republicans?: Chris Buskirk
Megyn Kelly Fired For Mentioning Blackface, Kimmel Still Has Job After Wearing It: Benjamin Arie


Insulting Islam Now Illegal in Europe: Jim Treacher
Putin on the Khashoggi Murder: Stuart Schneiderman
Tommy Robinson invited to give address in Washington by members of US Congress: LES

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Non-Lethal Weapon: DOD seeks to use lasers to create shouting will-o-the-wisp: Ars
What Is the LRAD Sound Cannon?: Roberto Baldwin
The US Military Is Making Lasers That Create Voices out of Thin Air: Defense One


Cops Asked To Investigate When Mayor Gets Penis Shaped Candy In Mail: Cove
The MSM Will Tell You Who Is Leader of the Pack: MOTUS
Blockchain Is Changing Lives in Africa: Jillian Keenan

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